From the members:

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From the parents:

"the girls have enjoyed being a part of the orchestra from day one, and this has not faded over the four years.  It has also gained them new friends and made them much more confident players, sight-readers and performers, as well as acquainting them with some excellent music.” Email from parent: 13/07/18

"At risk of cluttering up your  inbox could I just say that my husband and I were really impressed on Saturday night with both choir and orchestra.  To get a non-auditioned choir of only 17 or 18 people of diverse ages singing like that is quite an achievement.” Email from Louise Swift: 20/12/17

"This is the ensemble opportunity I have been looking for our daughters - well-organised, encouraging and enthusiastic and the day sessions once a month suit much better than weekdays after school which are so busy and tiring.  Already it seems our children are broadening their interests in music at home since starting Orchestrate!  By tinkering on the piano, singing more and writing stuff on staves it's great to see it all unfolding.”  Email from parent: 13/10/14

"[My son] was prepared to get up early, walk 15 mns to an insolated and unsheltered bus stop with erratic timetable in order to try and catch a lift from Norwich.  It is just wonderful that you can generate such enthusiasm in a 13 year old boy!” Email from parent: 02/10/14

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